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Best seller 2020


PM 940M CNC KIT With Hybrid Steppers and USB Breakout Board



Arizona Video 99

Heavy Duty




On Sale Now

Only $1999.00


What You Get


32mm Z Ball Screw

20mm X Ball Screw

20mm Y Ball Screw

(1) 1600 Oz Hybrid Stepper (Z)


(2) 1200 Oz Hybrid Steppers (X&Y)

(3) 8.5 Amp Motor Drivers

(1) Toroidal Power Supply

(1) USB Breakout Board






PM-30 CNC Kit

With Hybrid Steppers

(Zero Backlash CNC Kit)

On Sale Now!

Ludicrous Mode


(3)1200 Oz Closed Loop

Steppers Running at

80V-90V AC!


These Are Stupid Fast


Can Reach 200 In Per Min


These Are The Fastest Steppers We Have Ever Tested




All Time Best Seller

PM-25 CNC Kit

Best CNC Kit For
Smaller Mills

On Sale



Clear Path Servos

Made In USA

On Sale

Less Than Manufacturer 


Clear Path Servos
Are Made In The USA!

1 Year MFG Warranty
Quiet Cool Reliable Operation

These Servos Will Fit Our CNC Kits Perfectly























*Arizona CNC Kits... Home of The Zero Backlash Ball Screw... The Best Deals On Cnc Kits With Servos or Closed Loop Steppers


PM-25 CNC Kit


Arizona Video99 CNC Kit

You get (3) C7 grade double nut ball screws

These have been hand packed with virtually

no backlash at all.

This kit Includes...

One 16mm hand packed ball screw (Z)

Two 16mm hand packed ball screws (X&Y)

The Z is setup for a Nema 34 motor 14mm shaft

X&Y can be

Nema 23 8mm shaft or

Nema 24 10mm shaft

Please pick motor size on the dropdown menu


All of the mounting hardware and screws 
that you will need are included

Motor couplers are include

1 year free replacement on all parts
and or ballscrews regardless of how you broke it

Please Email Dave if you need custom motor couplers sizes


Only $799.00
+ $15.00 shipping

Hand Packed PM-25 CNC Kit


Lead Time 02/08/2021 Is 3-4 Weeks



PM25 Mills
















Stepper Online

PM-25 High Performance CNC Closed Loop Stepper Motor Kit


Fits Our PM-25 CNC Kit Perfectly


(2) 570 Oz Nema 24 Closed Loop Steppers (X&Y)

(1) 640 Oz nema 34 Closed Loop Stepper (Z)

(3) Heavy Duty 8.5 Amp Drivers

These Drivers Can Use AC or DC Up to 80V AC

6 Feet of wire for the motor and encoder are included

Please Text Doug if you need a longer wire.


We went with the 8.5 Amp drivers just because they

perform better than the smaller 5 Amp drivers everyone else uses.

The larger drivers make this kit cost more but the drivers
never get hot or burn out.

These X and Y motors run best at 35-40 VAC.

The Z can handle 55-70 VAC


PM 25-CNC Closed Loop Stepper Kit

Motors and Drivers


Out Of Stock (;;)


You will need a transformer

This one will work. Its about $42 bucks.

These never quit or burn out

Link to Antech

AS-3434 - 300VA 34V TRANSFORMER (X&Y) use the 34V Taps

If you bought the smaller driver (50V) you will need to rectify the 34V to DC

For The (Z) Tap Both of the 34 V windings for 70VAC

300VA Antech Transformer Link




PM 25 CNC Kit - PM 30M CNC Kit - PM 940M CNC Kit




Hybrid Steppers

We Now Carry Hybrid Steppers For All CNC Kits



All of our Hybrid Steppers are bench tested and
come with our 1 Year No Questions Asked Warranty!

If It Breaks
Just Send It Back and We Will Replace It!

Click For More Info




Clear Path Servo Kits On Sale



Clear Path Servos Are Fast And Powerful

Made In The USA

These Can Be Purchased With Our CNC Kits For

The PM-940M, PM-30M And The PM-25 CNC Kits

Click For More Info



DMM Servos

Powerful and Fast

Cheaper Than Clear Path


Starting at $349 Each

Available For

PM 30, PM 940 and PM 940 HD

Click For More Info



PM-30 CNC Kit

Click For More Info




Belt Drive Conversion Kits

Coming Soon

The PM-940 Belt Drive Kit

Up to 6,000 RPM

(Not In Stock Yet)




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