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PM 25 CNC Kit ......Sale!

PM 833 Kit New For 2023

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PM-30 CNC Kit

(Zero Backlash CNC Kit)






PM-25 CNC Kit



Clear Path Servos

Made In USA


Clear Path Servos
Are Made In The USA!

1 Year MFG Warranty
Quiet Cool Reliable Operation























*The Best PM-833 CNC Kit Ever *


Heavy Duty PM-833 CNC KIT



Our PM-833 CNC kit is machined with exact tolerances and uses only the best bearings to ensure almost no backlash at all.

Every dubble ballnut is hand reworked
and have about .001" backlash.

All hardware, motor couplers and bolts are included.

PM-833 CNC kit HD(Z)

32mm Z Double Nut Ball Screw

20mm X Double Nut Ball Screw

20mm Y Double Nut Ball Screw

One Year Warranty On Every Part


Only $1,249.00 + Shipping

Complete PM 833 CNC Kit With
Nema 34 Mounts 14mm Shafts
Complete PM 833 CNC Kit With
Mounts for Clear Path Servo
Also Fits DMM 86N Servo
with 1/2" Shaft

Pick Your Motor Mounts

Nema 34 Steppers With 14mm Shafts
DMM Servo 1/2" Shaft
(Get The 86N Model)
Also Fits
Clear Path Servo (Nema 34 with 1/2" shaft)
X and Y - SDSK-3421S-RLN
Z - SDSK-3432S-RLN

Lead Time Is 2-3 Weeks as of


Please contact Dave
if you need a custom size motor mounts.


This CNC kit is New For 2023

There is high Demand On This Kit So Lead Times

Could Take Longer

Please Text Dave To Confirm Lead Time




Bench Top Mills





Made in Taiwan

950 LBS

11" Y axis travel
23" X axis travel
11" Z axis travel
Table 33 x 8.25

RPM 50-3,200
Belt Drive Model
























PM-940 CNC Kit



All of our CNC Conversion Kits
now use double ball screws for even less backlash.
Most kits will have less than .001" Backlash.

Every Ball Screw Is Hand Packed and Tested For Backlash


PM 25 CNC Kit - PM 30M CNC Kit - PM 940M CNC Kit




Hybrid Steppers

Hybrid Steppers Are Cheap And Fast



Hybrid Steppers Work Good And Are Fast

We No longer Stock Steppers But If You Need Some We Recommend Leadshine, Stepper Online, Or ACT.





Clear Path Servo Kits



Clear Path Servos Are Fast And Powerful.

Made In The USA




DMM Servos

Powerful and Fast

Cheaper Than Clear Path



Starting at $349 each

Available for

PM 30, PM 940 and PM 940 HD



PM-30 CNC Kit

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