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PM 25 CNC Kit ......Sale!

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All Time Best Seller

PM-25 CNC Kit

Best CNC Kit For
Smaller Mills

On Sale


Clear Path Servos

Made In USA



Clear Path Servos
Are Made In The USA!

1 Year MFG Warranty
Quiet Cool Reliable Operation

These Servos Will Fit Our CNC Kits Perfectly




*Arizona CNC Kits... Home of The Zero Backlash Ball Screw... The Best Deals On Cnc Kits With Servos or Closed Loop Steppers

Made By Arizona Video 99


Our PM-30 CNC Kit is Machined With Exact Tolerances and Uses Only The Best Bearings To Insure Almost No Backlash at All.

All Ball screws Are Hand Packed To Eliminate Backlash, Not Just Slapped Together Like Some Other Kits.

We Invented The PM-30 Kit
For Precision Matthews Bench Top Mills.

Don't be fooled by other cheap copies of our CNC Kits.


Bench Top Mills




All Of Our CNC Conversion Kits
now use double ball screws for even less backlash
Most kits will have less than .001" Backlash

Every Ball Screw Is Hand Packed and Tested For Backlash


PM 25 CNC Kit - PM 30M CNC Kit - PM 940M CNC Kit




Hybrid Steppers

We are out of Hybrid Steppers 2-25-2021



All of our Hybrid Steppers are bench tested and
come with our 1 Year No Questions Asked Warranty!

If It Breaks
Just Send It Back and We Will Replace It!

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Clear Path Servo Kits



Clear Path Servos Are Fast And Powerful

Made In The USA

These Can Be Purchased For

The PM-940M, PM-30M And The PM-25 CNC Kits

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DMM Servos

Powerful and Fast

Cheaper Than Clear Path


Starting at $349 Each

Available For

PM 30, PM 940 and PM 940 HD

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PM-30 CNC Kit

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Belt Drive Conversion Kits

(Not In Stock Yet)




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